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Saturday, April 30, 2011

An effort at housecleaning

I've cleaned up my enormous blogroll somewhat. While I know that I get a good deal of traffic here just from folk who use the blogroll as a kind of digest to see what's new in the theo-philo-blogosphere, and that's a good thing, I also know that quite a number of the links by now are either dead or cold. Doing this clean-up has required some judgment-calls on my part. On one hand, a blog that hasn't posted for a few months is not by that token a-goner. The old posts, sometimes years' worth, are still there, after all, and it does happen that all of a sudden there's a flurry of activity on what you thought was a dead line. I've been pleased in the past to find sites get new life breathed into them. On the other hand, the list really has got outrageously long and cluttered. I've listed below any still-working links that I have eliminated from the main list. My intention is to periodically weed out any dead links and to re-plant links that sprout again. There will be a permanent link to this post atop the list, in "About the Blogroll."

I am aware of a degree of arbitrariness in this but, well, it's my blogroll and it's housecleaning time. On the surreal assumption that anyone cares whether I list them, I urge you not to be shy if you think I've cut you unfairly. I'm a reasonable guy.

First off: there are a few sites for which feeds have never worked, but which are frequently updated and which deserve your attention.

Scrivener's Error
Bloodaxe Books
Edge.org (The online successor to John Brockman's Reality Club)
Thom Hartmann
Foreign Policy Blogs
The Procrustean
Rate Your Music reviews

Now for the cuts. I've arranged these by somewhat arbitrary groups.

Daily Humiliation
Critical Animal
Trauma & Philosophy
The Relative Absolute
The Accursed Share
Fractal Ontology
New Empiricism
We Have Never Been Blogging
NY Times: The Stone
Logic Matters
Philosophical Pontifications
Philosophia Perennis
Mitochondrial Vertigo
Way of Ordinary Wisdom

The Buddha is my DJ
Buddhas & Sages
Ordinary Extraordinary

Christian theology &/or Biblical exegetics
Rain & the Rhinoceros
Douglas Knight
Well at the World's End
Non Sermoni Res
Sub Specie Aeterni

Science / Mathematics:
Edge of Physics
Neverending Books

Myth / Magic:
Reflections from the Black Stone

Counter-Terrorism Blog
No Useless Leniency
Zero Anthropology

Literature / Arts:
Seven Corners
Digital Emunction
Frederick Turner's blog
Any King
Fugitive Ink
Blographia Literaria
A Shearsman of Sorts

A few sites have been replaced in the blogroll by their new incarnations:

New Directions Publishing
New: New Directions Publishing

Dilettante Exegete
New: The Dilettante Exegete

The Reading Experience
New: The Reading Experience 2

New: Torah Musings

American Stranger
New: Disaster Notes

The Talmud Blog (blogspot)
New: Talmud Blog (wordpress)

"I am the King's man"
New: Ethnarchy

As I say, I will amend this post from time to time to keep it (more or less) up-to-date.


  1. Note that Logic Matters is still very much alive, but Peter has moved it here.

  2. Thanks for pointing this out.