Future, Present, & Past:

~~ Giving itself latitude and leisure to take any premise or inquiry to its furthest associative conclusion.
Critical~~ Ready to apply, to itself and its object, the canons of reason, evidence, style, and ethics, up to their limits.
Traditional~~ At home and at large in the ecosystem of practice and memory that radically nourishes the whole person.

Oυδεὶς άμουσος εἰσίτω

Monday, March 12, 2018

Doggerel composed in a dream

Woke up one morning, fumbled for my notebook, and scrawled this down, fresh from the oneiric workshop:
The Superego's decree:
Rhyme and meter, as strict as may be!
The Ego dissents:
"These days, forms can be slant --"
But this limerick comes straight from the
Id, mothafuckah!!! I can do whatever the Hell I want!!!
Freud and others noted fairly early that patients started to report dreams that seemed to cater to certain readings of symbolism or other aspects of psychoanalytic terminology. Even our unconscious creative process can become theory-laden. For instance, construing itself as an "unconscious creative process."

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