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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Hitting the ceiling fan. Plus, no posts in August.

Whether or no the United States Congress manages to send a bill raising the debt ceiling to the President's desk by August 2, one may yet be tempted to speculate that the dumb-show presages the overt decline of the American empire. If it makes a whit of difference at all, that is. (I am about two-thirds with The Last Psychiatrist on this one.) The center of world politics may have shifted definitively to parts of the globe formerly known as the Third World: the movements for democratization in the near and middle east, the resistances to globalization in the developing world, and the shifting fortunes, ambitions, and concerns of Marx's last stand compromise (China), not to mention the complete stagnation not only of economy but of the currents of social mobility within the United States, all suggest that the animating motives of world history (if there is such a Geist), or at least the interests of the Illuminati puppeteers, have relocated to other climes. Yes, futurology is a fool's pastime, especially when based on today's headlines; but it's hard for me to shake the suspicion that the dialectic has either caught up or gotten bored with us. Will the ceiling fan be hit with a bang or a whimper?

In other news, I will probably post nothing in August. If there are any comments, I'll respond, and I'm working on some posts for the future, but I am taking the month to work on my relationship with my preferred mode of thinking/writing: pen on paper.


  1. "(I am about two-thirds with The Last Psychiatrist on this one.)"

    "Skholiast", thanks for mentioning this blog. I found the blog really brilliant and am very impressed with posts. The guy doing the blog must have considerable intellectual powers. Do you know who he is? (I suspect it's a man, but not because it's so brilliant.)

  2. Not sure, Rama, though I have a vague recollection of someone referring to TLP as "him", I can't find this now. I was amused to find that the question has inspired some online speculation.

  3. Why don't you and Amod take the challenge to figure out who he is and let us know? ;)