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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Greatest Hits, so called.

This month SpecCritTrad will be a year old. I'm very gratified by the encounters I have had thanks to this blog.

In honor of the occasion I added the little gizmo "popular posts" to the sidebar, which (at least temporarily) has cut off the first character or two from each title listed. (Still trying to figure how to fix that.) However, a word of clarification is called for.

As I anticipated, the most-seen post here is the one I wrote in response to all the foofarah in reaction to John Milbank's alleged crypto-colonialism. I am fairly certain, however, that no matter how many times this post has been "viewed," it cannot be the most read. Its position at the top of the list is due entirely to the fact that it annoyed Adam Kotsko, who forthwith issued me my badge in the niceness police, and linked to it, sending the considerable readership of An Und Für Sich in my direction. This artificially inflated its figures by couple of orders of magnitude. (Of course I assume that plenty of AUFS readers did read my post, but there are way more of them than there were hits that lasted for long enough to take in more than the first paragraph; and the number of hits that lasted zero seconds is disproportionately high.)

My own estimation of the "most popular posts," based mostly on the number of comments, diverges somewhat from the blogger algorithm. I'd list, in chronological order:

Theology Between Speech & Song

Outflanking Parmenides

Mythos &/or Logos


Waking while sleeping, relating while withdrawing

This last, as well as the related Logos, face, sunyata, made it via the algorithm thanks, I am sure, to the links from Tim Morton and Jeffrey Bell, but I am also sure that a large proportion of the folks who followed these links actually spent some time reading the posts.

Three runners-up in terms of comment conversation:

Thoughts on [at least] Two Truths & a Lie

Open questions

Cultivation & realization

There will be some other observances for the one-year anniversary as the month progresses. For now, please remember that comments are welcome on the old posts as well as the new.

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  1. Congratulations on a great year! May there be many more.