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Saturday, January 16, 2010


On the off-off-chance that anyone reading here has not already decided how they might help the relief effort in the aftermath of the Haitian earthquake, I pass on this link to the organization Partners in Health, commended by Peter Hallward, a philosopher who has translated Badiou as well as written a significant book on Haiti. On the donation form there is a drop-down menu where you can specify that you'd like your contribution to go to the earthquake relief effort.

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  1. Sadly there is very little that we can do to help in Haiti. The infrastructure is too poor and damaged. It's an incredible tragedy. If one wants to read an inspirational book on the topic I would recommend Tracey Kidder's "Mountains beyond mountains"


    It's about Paul Farmer who was one of the founders of Partners in Health. I saw him speak here at the U of U once. His organization is a little radical for my tastes but he certainly is a great humanist. Due to their prior involvement in Haiti, I think Partners in Health would be in a position to do the most good, most quickly.